2nd Hand Sales

Bell’s Weldgen offers a diverse range of welding consumables and equipment from Lincoln, Miller and WIA, as well as distributorships for Speedglas, Ferd, IWS (Sumner, Tig master and Flange Wizard Tools. We have extensive practical experience with all aspects of current welding methods, including on-site support and trouble shooting.

Lincoln Dc 400/Ln 7 Wire Feeder


Exculdes GST

lincoln dc 400ln

400 Amp @ 100% Duty Cyclle
Cc/Cv Capability Mig/And Electrode Welding
Multi Process Switch Fitted
5M Control Cable Assy
400 Amp Mig Gun
Ln7 Wire Feeder
32 Amp Plug And Lead Fitted

Bugo Straight Line Track System


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bugo straight line track

Speed Weaver 2 Module
1.8M Of Rigid Track With Magnet’s
Excellent For Vertical Welding On Tanks

Lincoln Invertec V3001


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lincoln intervertec

The Lincoln Invertec V300I Welding machine is a constant voltage and constant current 3 phase 415 volt 300 amp DC inverter.
It is capable of stick or electrode welding scratch start TIG DC only welding MIG welding flux cored welding.
Excellent Used Condition

Lincoln In25 Pro Wire Feeder


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lincoln in25 pro

2 step Trigger interlock
Analog volt meter and polarity indicator
Light weight 16kg, impact and flame resistant polycarbonate case design
2 wheel drive system
Built in flow meter and gas solenoid
Includes a K126 innershield gun and knurled rollers

Lincoln LN25 Wire Feeder


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lincoln wire feeder

Voltage Sensing Wire Feeder. Run from any DC power source. Selectable dial for setting low range. Solid Wire size Range: .023-1/16in. (0.6-1.6mm) Flux-core Wire size Range: .035-5/64in. (0.9-2.0mm) Wire speed Range IPM 50-700IPM (1.3-17.8 m/min) Weight: 19kg
Excellent Used Condition and knurled rollers

Lincoln Powerwave 455M/STT


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lincoln powerwave

The Power Wave 455M/STT is a high performance, digitally controlled inverter power source designed for robotic, hard automation and semiautomatic applications. It is designed to be part of a modular, multi-process welding system that can be arranged in a variety of ways for optimum, customised performance and easy maintenance. Optional DeviceNet™ and Ethernet communication modules provide networking capabilities and allow the power sources to communicate with other industrial machines to create a highly integrated and flexible welding cell. Features Lincoln’s STT® process for applications in which heat input control, minimal distortion, reduced spatter and low fumes are essential.
Weight: 154kg
Excellent Used Condition

Lincoln Ranger 305D Diesel Engine-Driven Welder


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lincoln ranger

CC-Stick, Down Hill Stick Welding on Pipe, CV Wire and Touch-Start TIG Processes
18.8HP D722 water cooled Diesel Engine
Dual Digital Output Meters
4 x available @ 1000 to 2000 hrs
Weight: 341 kg
Excellent Used Condition
8kva 240 volt auxillary power
Machine idles down when not being used, and will rev back up when an arc is struck

Lincoln SP170T Gas/Gasless Mig Machine


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lincoln gas mig

Comes complete with gun, rollers and argon reg.
In excellent condition.

 2 Available

Straight Line Cutting Machine


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straight line cutting machine

Automatically cuts straight lines, circles and bevels. Lightweight and portable, the Plate mate straight line cutter is a compact unit designed for simple operation with high stability for long distance cutting.
Track not included
Weight: 9.5kg
Excellent Used Condition

Smithweld Ovens 150kg (S150m)


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smithweld ovens

50-300 Degree C
240 Volt
High Temp Door Seal
Thermostat O/Off Indicator
Tempreture Guages
In Excelent Condition

Adjustable Pipe alignment Clamp


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pip alignment clamp

Total length is 3 meters, which will wrap around a 954mm diameter pipe.
Comes complete with the adjusting T clamp.
Only been used once – as new.

Lincoln Redi-MIG 325 Remote


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lincoln redi

The Redi-Mig 325 Remote is a 3 phase, heavy duty MIG welder, factory fitted with the Redi-Mig 4D wire feeder complete with 8m interconnection leads.

  • Advantage Lincoln
  • 32 voltage selections
  • Gear driven 4 drive roll system
  • Volt/amp meters
  • Adjustable burnback control
  • Polarity change for MIG or gasless wires
  • 2 step/4 step trigger lock function
  • Spot timer for tacking or stitch welding
  • Cold wire inch
  • Gas purge

Dimensions (mm) 760 x 447 x 905
Weight (kg) 130