Invertec V160-TP






  • Stick TIG

Excellent arc characteristics delivered by the latest digital inverter technology in the Invertec® V160-T and V160-TP, ensures the consistent, high quality welding professionals demand. Combined with rugged yet highly portable industrial construction, these units ensure performance over the long haul. The machines now come in a Ready-to-weld™ package to get your welding fast (see “Package Includes” section).
The flexibility, including generator compatibility, of this equipment allows them to be utilised anywhere in workshops and on site (>8kVA generator recommended). Designed with user-friendliness in mind, each machine features the welding sequence on the front panel, making adjustments intuitive.
The Invertec® V160-T and V160-TP are supplied as standard with all the features you would expect from a professional TIG welding machine including selectable HF TIG or Lift TIG ignition, 2 or 4 step trigger control, variable down slope and post flow control.
The V160-TP has the added advantages of a digital pre-set amp
meter with a “Hold” Function and a built-in Variable Pulse.
The V160-TP’s variable high frequency PULSE allows the welder to adjust arc focus to suit the application. This will reduce heat input resulting in a more controlled weld with less distortion and increased welding speed.
Both machines come with a built-in VRD (voltage reducing device) increasing operator safety in environments with increased hazard of electric shock.


Part no. V160TP-PKG

Input Voltage 240V
Rated Input 15A 160A @ 135%
Input Current 16A (slow)

Rec Generator 8 kVA
Output Range 5-160A Max OCV : 48V DC
Dimensions (mm) H x W x D H 300 , W 200 , D 430
Net Weight (kg) 12


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