LN-25 PRO inc Magnum 400



  •  MIG

  • FCAW

  •  FCAW-SS


Unit Includes

  • Magnum 400 gun

  • Drive Roll kit 1.2mm solid

  • Drive Roll Kit 1.6mm cored

Built upon the tradition and success of the LN™-25, the new LN™-25 PRO is designed to be simple, reliable and easy to service. The LN™-25 PRO is ideal for field construction and fabrication, shipyards, and rental companies. The MAXTRAC® wire drive enhances performance, while the replacement case-and many other upgrade options- can be installed in less than five minutes.


Part no. K2613-5A2
Wire Feed Speed Range 1.2-17.7m/min
Drive Rolls 2
Wire Size (mm) Solid: 0.6-1.6Cored: 1.7 -2.4
Dimensions (mm) H x W x D H 356 , W 191 , D 533
Net Weight (kg) 15.4
Operator Manual IM901 LN25 Pro
Connector Type Bayonet


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