Powerwave C300






  • Stick TIG

The Power Wave® C300 and S350 are part of a modular concept offering many different configurations allowing you to adjust the machine to your welding application. The new platforms all communicate with Arclink
allowing you to work with all our digital feeders the LF45, PF 25M and PF10M.
All Power Waves® come complete with an Ethernet connection. You can get access to the machine by using this connection and our free available software. Software updates are free, our Web site powerwavesoftware.com
contains the latest version of software including weldmodes. By updating the machine you can be sure that your machine is “up to date” and has a welding performance equal to a new one with the last improvements
and additions included.
On one side advanced technology but on the other side robustness, the Power Wave® has it all. The machines are built according to our Industrial standard and prepared to work day in day out as well as two shift operations. The components inside the machine are all protected and all PC boards are encapsulated.
The Three Year warranty is standard and confirms the quality of the product.


Part no. K2865-1

Voltage/Power Factor 230/400V3Ph 50/60Hz (208-575V)*/0,95
Input Power @ Rated Output 11,1 kVA@40%
Fuse Size 40/25A

Weight 50.4kg

Dimensions (mm) H x W x D H 478 , W 356 , D 610
Protection Class IP23

Compliance EN 60974-1; -10

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