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The revolutionary STT II® process permits open gap root pass welding in pipe with greater ease of operation, better back beads and edge fusion. This inverter welding equipment is also ideal as a replacement for TIG welding on thin material with no burnthrough. STT® II can be used with a variety of welding consumables including mild steel, stainless steel, high nickel alloys and silicon bronze. When using CO2 on mild and most alloy steels, the STT II is ideal for challenging semi-automatic and automatic applications where spatter, smoke, heat input and penetration control is critical. Typical applications includel pipe welding, pressure vessels, stainless steel tanks, furniture, automotive to name a few. Producing low cost welds at fast travel speed - up to three times faster than TIG - and reducing operator skill requirements, the Invertec® STT II could significantly reduce costs in your welding operations.


Part no. K1527-1
Output Range 0-450A
Rated Input 30/18/ 17/16A
Rec Generator 18 kVA
Input/Phase/Voltage/Hertz 220/380/415/440/3/50/60
Duty Cycle 225A,29V@60% 200A,28V@100%
Dimensions (mm) H 589 , W 336 , D 620
Net Weight (kg) 53
Operator Manual IM904 Invertec STT II Manual


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