LT7 Subarc tractor bells weldgen

LT-7 Subarc Tractor

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115 vac


The LT-7 Tractor is a self-propelled mechanized wire feeder, designed for the submerged arc process with track system capabilities. It is self-guiding and easy to operate – only one operator is usually required. It is designed to be used with a variety of Lincoln DC constant voltage and constant current power sources. The rugged, lightweight unit permits quick movement to the next joint. Its compact size fits through small openings and confined spaces. Butt and fillet welds can be made on heavy plate or steel as light as 12 gauge (2.5mm). The LT-7 Tractor is ideal for the following applications: ship and barge building, storage tank erection, bridge deck installation, beam, girder or column fabrication, and long seams on heavy weldments.

  • Submerged Arc

Product Number: K395-1
Input Power:
115 VAC 50/60 Hz
Rated Output Current/Duty Cycle: 600A/100% 1100a/100% (with water cooling)
Wire Feed Speed Range ipm (m/min): 100-400 (2.5-10.2)
Wire Size Range Solid in. (mm): 3/32 – 3/16″ (2.4 – 4.8)
Dimensions (H x W x D): 27.5 x 33 x 14 (698 x 838 x 356)
Net Weight: 130 (59 kg)

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